9 Escape Room Tips – Proven Strategies to Beat any Escape Room Like A Pro 

9 Escape Room Tips

Escape rooms are one of the leading faces of the entertainment industry today. While movies, adventure sports, and amusement parks are classic choices that never go out of trend, the demand for something new and exciting propelled escape rooms to the forefront, during the final two years of the pandemic.

An escape room is a thematic room where a team gets locked in, with 60 minutes to escape. In order to do that, they have to analyze clues, find hints, and solve puzzles that are hidden in different corners of the room.  

From running on the hot trail of a mysterious murderer to uncovering the secrets of a spooky house, there are different escape rooms for different tastes. Even though these games provide an exciting and thrilling adventure for players, many people are hesitant to try them out because it all looks too overwhelming at first. 

So, in this article, we will reveal 9 escape room tips that will help you through your escape room journey and allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest: 

  • Choose a proper number of people to form your team.  

A vital step to ace your game is picking the correct number of people to form your team. Choosing too big a team to play an escape room can do you more harm than good. A huge team shall only add to an overall increase in chaos in the game room, as many people gather together for one task. Remember, too many cooks spoil the broth!  

On the other hand, having only a few players on your team shall make it tough to solve all the puzzles within the given time. Hence, it is better to choose neither too many nor too few people to play with you in the escape room. Make sure that you choose the right number of players to form your team if you plan to win the game!  

Create a team with good chemistry 

In comparison to playing with strangers, it is always a far better option to play the game with someone whom you know well. By doing so, players will have greater compatibility as they work with their teammates. This is however impossible if you are playing with people whom you do not know well.   

Escape games are based on the notion of team spirit and a proper stream of coordination amongst respective members. It in turn can only be properly achieved when you have well-acquainted people on board with you.    

Furthermore, as you play the game with people whom you already know, there is an added benefit of being able to spend some quality time with them. So, go ahead and choose someone whom you know well to form your team! 

  • Make your team familiar with the entire escape room experience

Before embarking on your escape room adventure, ensure that all your team members are fully aware of the basic concept of the game. Being new to the world of escapades makes it essential that you know what lies ahead of you.  

Gather sufficient knowledge about what an escape game is, what the aim of the game is, etc. It is only after knowing these basic factors that you can properly enjoy the game. Upon entering the escape room for the first time, the most crucial thing to do is to get yourself and your team familiarized with the inner aspects of the room.  

Take a nice and keen look around the room. Inspect all the nooks and corners of the room, leaving no stone unturned as you need to search everywhere for clues and riddles to solve. Familiarization with the unknown room is your first step to ace the game.  

  • Listen to what your gamemaster says

Apart from familiarizing your team with the entire escape room, it is also important that you pay attention to what your gamemaster says before the start of the game. When he gives the introduction and rules of the escape game, who knows, he might even slip a little hint for the game in it!   

Therefore, it is essential to listen attentively to what the gamemaster has to say before you indulge in the game itself. In escape games, the host plays an important role as they might often indirectly nudge you in the right direction.   

The host also provides you with the rules that you need to follow while playing the game. Thus, noting them all is extremely crucial.   

  • Have an unbroken stream of communication with all your team members

Communication is probably yet another essential quality if you wish to win the game. Each team member should continuously keep communicating with the other team members throughout the entire gaming experience.   

Only the team which is highly vocal and continues to share each other’s discoveries and ideas happen to have the highest chances of winning the game. However, apart from vocalizing your opinions, it is also important to be a good listener.   

Hence, alongside voicing each other’s thoughts, players must remain patient as they hear the opinions of their fellow teammates. Giving equal value to the opinions of each of your teammates is important to ace your way in the game. Escape games are essentially team games, where the entire team has to collaboratively brainstorm their way out!  

  • Never spend far too much time solving just one puzzle! 

Often, newbies to the world of escape games are found to devote far too much time to solving just one riddle. Time management is a vital part of every escape room experience. Make sure that none of your team members spend too much of their time trying to solve one single puzzle.   

Instead, it is better to divide the entire time inside the escape room judiciously and work as a proper team together. You can even leave aside those riddles which you can’t solve at the moment, only to come back to them later on in the game. In this way, your team can solve the escape game within the given time.  

  1. Remain organized as you follow the trail of the game 

Your hyper-organized-Monica like skills are going to come in handy as you play an escape game today! In a vast majority of the escape games, it is seen that none of the objects are going to be of use twice.   

Hence, while playing the game, you can decide on a spot in the room where you can keep all those items that have already been used once. In this way, players can avoid stumbling against useless objects in the game. You can even set a different spot for objects whose functionality is still unknown. By doing this, your fellow mates would know where to look for when they uncover the needs for those objects.   

Escape rooms are designed by smart people, so almost everything in the room has a purpose for its presence. There is often an ordered sequence following which objects are uncovered in the room. Try to recognize the ‘pattern’ in the room and arrange relatable objects/elements together for your ease.  

  • All your team members must contribute 

Being a passive spectator to the entire escape game experience serves no purpose. The whole point of an escape game is to have all members come together and brainstorm ideas to escape on time. It is always easy to pass out comments on others’ progress without doing anything yourself.   

The equal effort of all your team members is essential to winning the escape game. Ensure that all your members are spread out inside the escape room and are giving their best to look for riddles or puzzles to solve them.   

Time seems short in the game room, so making the most of the limited time is your need. You can split your team into smaller sections and let each search a part of the room properly. In this way, you can uncover clues faster than if you keep the whole team searching in just one place.  

  • Hints are there for a reason! 

Often players let their ego get the best of them. But don’t let that happen for you. Inside an escape room, more often than not, players back away from asking for clues/hints. Make sure that your team does not fall into the same trap too. The trick to asking for clues is to do it strategically.  

However, this doesn’t mean that you start asking for hints from the very first minutes of the game. The fun is an escape game is the thrill of the chase, and the fun is busted if you ask for hints from the very beginning.   

Instead, you can stack up all those puzzles that you and your team are unable to solve and thereafter ask for hints. Asking for hints when your team is running dangerously low on time can also be a good strategy to turn the tables at the last moment.   

These are the 9 best tips that will help you ace your next escape game experience. So, go ahead and book a game now! The winner’s title awaits you!

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