5 Family Law Marketing Strategies that Grow Family Law Firms

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Almost all family law marketing are now aware of the importance of general digital marketing practices. They even know it is necessary to have a good website, updated SEO strategy, better testimonials, and ideal content strategy. But at the same time, such law firms want to ensure that they have systems that help them fulfil their business-specific needs. 

For example, if you are a personal injury lawyer, the best way to attract customers is to advertise the most significant verdict and settlements. But that is not applicable in the case of family law firms as representing clients through a divorce might not be a good idea. 

So, if you are looking for the best digital marketing strategy specific to your family law firm, you have come to the right place. Here, we will discuss different types of digital marketing strategies that can work for the primary practice areas of family law firms. 

What makes family law firms different?

The type of clients handled by family law firms sets them apart from all the other law firms. In almost all cases, family law firms deal with clients who are going through the most stressful situation of their life, and this is why you have to be precise about your family law marketing strategy. 

Most of the clients of such legal firms deal with different kinds of emotions at once. Situations like divorce, waging custody over children, and domestic violence are not easy to handle. Therefore, empathy and compassion are the best tools that family law firms can use to win over such clients. 

The top 5 digital marketing strategies for family law firms 

Share all that you have to offer. 

The one thing that you should ensure while working on your family law marketing strategy is you are marketing your entire range of services you offer. You can do this while building your website or updating your profile on different directories. 

But many lawyers use not-so-effective keywords like family law, and they think that mentioning divorce and child custody service is enough. Most clients feel from only the perspective of the problem they are currently dealing with, which means you need to highlight different types of legal services. 

Of course, you want to mention the most common services like divorce, child custody, domestic violence but at the same time, you must think about more niche issues that you can handle. 

Focus on local marketing 

Local marketing has become crucial for almost all the practice areas, but its importance for family law firms is on another level. If a potential client is looking for legal assistance in child custody, you must ensure they find you. 

The local clients usually search for legal services around them, and that’s why local marketing should be on the top of your family law digital marketing list. Most clients looking for legal assistance don’t wish to drive for an hour to contact a lawyer. 

You can begin with optimizing your Google My Business profile. From choosing the correct categories to linking the shape to your website, there are many things you can do to optimize your Google My Business profile. 

Work on content marketing 

As already mentioned, the two best tools family lawyers have to win over potential clients are sympathy and compassion. It can do this by providing credible information to potential clients, as most people looking for legal assistance are desperate for credible information. Studies suggest that 47% of customers view three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep.

While working on the family law digital marketing strategy, you can set a goal of establishing your firm as an authority in its practice area. In addition to this, you can show your firm’s unique personality through a better content marketing strategy. 

Always begin with working on practice pages, as this is the best page you can use to engage with potential clients. In addition to this, schedule regular blogs and start using long-tail keywords. 

Video marketing 

The main motive of a family lawyer should be something above just settling the case for them, like building a long-lasting relation and connection with the clients. This is why a family law firm must showcase its personality and make it shine through digital marketing strategies. 

The best way to accomplish this is through a video marketing strategy. With videos, it becomes easy to showcase the personality and culture of your firm. But make sure to distribute such videos on the right platform and have a proper digital marketing strategy. 

Leverage paid ads

Your client should always find you while looking for family law services, and the best way to make them see you is through paid ads. By unlocking the power of paid ads, you can appear on the top of the search result. 

But many family law firms end up turning paid ads into money-guzzlers since they don’t know the importance of bidding and aren’t aware of an ideal paid ad strategy. In such a case, you can always get in touch with an expert. 

Digital marketing strategies should always be specific to your practice area, as this proves to be more effective in attracting clients than using a generalized digital marketing strategy. And when you are dealing with sensitive services like family legal services, it becomes essential to find those digital marketing strategies that work specifically for you. 


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