Thailand Top 11 Music Festivals You’ll see Indeed Miss This 2021

Thailand Music Festival
Thailand Music Festival

Every country uses music to celebrate occasions. Thailand Music Festival is among the famous countries for its street photography in Bangkok. However, they also utilize music to discuss amazing ideas and have fun.

In reality, Thailand is home to various music festivals that bring worldwide young people together. Going to these occasions is among the most memorable experiences you can’t afford to miss.

Furthermore, the music festivals in the United States reach the peak of an unforgettable party experience. It’s more, better, and more lively for music performances.

Unfortunately, the current political climate hinders celebrations like this. The country is committed to the security and safety of everyone who attends.

However, the most popular Thailand music festival you should not skip in 2021. Keep a note of it and decide which of these festivals you can attend in the future.

S20 Songkran Music Festival

Songkran is the New Year celebration in Thailand. It is a non-restricted celebration that provides ample opportunities for big-scale events.

Songkran Music Festival is the most anticipated event of the Songkran season. Locals and foreigners come together for a fun-filled day of celebration. An enormous water-based music festival.

It’s the Thai Lunar New Year celebration. It will be an unforgettable experience, and people are drenched while dancing to the beat.

Songkran Music Festival happens every April throughout the world. Be ready and dressed for the occasion to wet in this splashing celebration.

Water zonic

Water-zonic is among the most anticipated events in Thailand, and it’s a water-based music festival that is a grand event.

Water zonic is a water-soaked festival that is accompanied by fantastic music. The massive stage is brimming with art installations, and the endless fireworks keep the fun running until late into the morning. Showers of water add to the excitement of EDM elite lineups.

Wonder fruit Festival

Wonder fruit festival celebrates the arts, music, food, and thoughts. It’s a celebration of culture which aims to unite people from all across the globe. The festival’s primary goal is to strengthen intercontinental friendships and promote world peace.

Wonderfruit festival is reminiscent of a chic Coachella and can create positive effects. Everything you need for an event is available, and the menu is delicious, with incredible production and an array of entertainment.

The friendly atmosphere and green ethos impress a range of tourists and travelers. Locals and ex-pats can enjoy four days of arts, musical entertainment, seminars, and much more.

Big Mountain Music Festival

Big Mountain Music Festival is one of Thailand’s longest-running music festivals. It is the biggest South East Asia Outdoor Festival since 2010.

Big Mountain is a two-day celebration that features a broad range of musical genres. Thai traditional songs, Urban EDM, and rock take place on over 200 performances on nine stages. The purpose of the event is to help promote national talent and local heritage.

The mountains’ backdrop adds to the authenticity of the celebration. This is an exceptional event experience.

Maya Music Festival

Maya Music Festival brings different elements to one event. Traditions of Thai culture and modern music merge to form an epoch of Neo-modern music. This is a perfect fit for the current generation.

The ultimate festival experience comes with an impressive setup. The backdrop for the stage is the famous image of the gigantic monkey, and it is formed by displaying designs of local culture and Thai traditions.


Songkranzonic will be a 4-day celebration featuring equal amounts of water and music. Although it’s still a new addition to the outdoor event, it was a memorable music festival in 2018.

The festival features amazing performance and management. The showers and sprays that drenched the crowd made the festival more enjoyable.

Kolour in the Park

Kilgour in the Park is an annual two-day music festival in Thailand. It takes place on the outskirts of Bangkok, especially in the vast fields of rice, far away from the bustle of Bangkok.

As its name suggests, it’s vibrant and offers wealth in music, artwork, and exchanges between cultures.

It has a national and international activity. The majority of the artists perform house and techno.

In addition, there are numerous after-parties, graffiti art exhibitions, lighting performances, and a food stall. The festival is packed with energy, ideal for those who love to party.

Warp Music Festival

Warp Music Festival is Thailand’s first beach music festival. It’s been among the most sought-after events for music lovers since 2015.

It’s a futuristic event that provides a new experience to a planet in space. The 2017 event is dubbed Survivor Saturn, and the crowd dances wildly in the imaginative Saturn setting.

Jomtien Beach in Pattaya is the venue for the festival. The festival is a mix of EDM and massive techno.

Mystic Valley Festival

Mystic Valley Festival is a music festival that spans several days, and it is a follow-up to closely the Tomorrowland trend.

The festival has plenty of variety of stages spread over eight. It features well-known International performers from different genres of music.

They are EDM, Trap, Techno, Trance, RnB, and disco. This is why the valley vibrates with the sounds of the music industry and enthusiasts.

Furthermore, camping and food trucks are also available to festival-goers. The festival also has the annual pool party, and a great lights show, which keeps everyone in the heart of the event throughout the day.

Transmission Festival

Transmission Festival is the Thailand version of the Prague, Czech Republic musical celebration, and it’s now recognized as one of Asia’s top and biggest trance music festivals.

The party features bright lights and massive speakers playing music. The crowd has a great time as they are treated to auditory and visual sensations. The night is full of Trance music that you will not forget.

Full Moon Party

Full Moon Party does mainly used for New Year’s Eve celebrations. But, it is a one of a kind style since it is also held every month.

Full Moon is among the biggest parties in the world. The music selection includes DJs from the local and international scene, performing reggae, bass and trance. It also includes everything you need for a good time: a great DJ, and it’s also a great place to enjoy light and alcohol that is free-flowing.

Additionally, the celebration doesn’t stop because it continues until dawn. It’s not surprising that foreigners travel to Thailand to fulfil the sole purpose of having fun here.

Be extra cautious when taking part in this event. You don’t want your valuable possessions to an enclave of people while you’re having fun, do you?

Listening to music can be more enjoyable when you’re part of an entire group. Going to music festivals gives you the chance to meet new people and form bonds with others. It’s a great way to make lasting memories and bonds with friends who share the same love for music.

Make a note of these Top Music Festivals for the most memorable adventure in Thailand. If you’re looking to understand the basics of Thai Music, Gia Culture will help you discover the fascinating history behind it.

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